Key Dates

RTO Key Dates – 2017

Tuesday 28th February Total VET Activity reporting (Avetmiss & USI data)
Friday 31st March CEO Annual declaration
Friday 30th June Learner and Employer Survey Data
Friday 24th November QCAA Data reporting

School Key Dates – 2017

Friday 31st March Notification of delivery & completion of TAS
Friday 31st March Notification of students continuing or withdrawn from previous year
Friday 28th April New Trainers completion of trainer profiles
Friday 28th April Current Trainer Profile updates as requested by RTO
Friday 28th April Completion of 2016 Professional Development Activities sheet for VET and Industry Currency
Friday 30th June 1st round of enrolments for students who have started VET certificates
Friday 29th September Final round of enrolments for VET students
Tuesday 31st October All competency maps with units completed this year to be submitted to RTO for preliminary processing
Friday 11th November Final date for VET students to be assessed
Friday 17th November All VET students Competency maps to be sent to RTO
Friday 24th November All students to be confirmed for Statement of Attainment or Certificate & Competency maps submitted to RTO
Friday 24th November Final date for RTO to upload QLD VET students credit toward QCE points
Friday 15th December Final date for VET submissions

Sites can send completed or partially completed competency maps to RTO from 1st July to 17 November 2017

Important Information
No results will be accepted past the 15th December

Sites to forward competency maps to the RTO as students complete all units. It is a regulatory requirement for the RTO to issue the Certificate with 30 days of the completion of the last unit of competency.

Key Dates